In 2015, Scenti decided to venture into territory previously untapped in Egypt by introducing a completely new and exciting concept in marketing: scent marketing.

From hospitality to retail, and from banking to healthcare, Scenti is already setting the new trend in Egypt.

Scent marketing uses the sense of smell and its influence on emotions to create a bond between consumer and brand, which increases not only sales, but brand loyalty, Smell is the strongest of the five senses because of the fact that it is processed in the same area in the brain as emotions, and emotions have a huge influence on decision-making.

At Scenti, we design and manufacture state-of-the-art scent delivery systems that work on diffusing the scent in a continuous and consistent flow, with no product wastage, as well as develop personalized aromas from the purest essential oil blends, thus ensuring that you are provided with optimum quality and results.

In keeping with the high standards that we set ourselves, our dedicated team of experience managers are committed to ensuring that the ambience we have created for you is unwaveringly maintained.

  • The service and experience we provide we can proudly say is unparalleled.

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With Scenti, you will have chosen a partner, not a service provider


Scenti is the leading scent marketing company in Egypt, founded in 2015 to
provide discerning clients with an experience that goes far beyond traditional
marketing methods. Our impressive portfolio of clients covering hospitality,
business, retail, residential properties and more, has solidified our position as
trendsetters in the Egyptian market, and testifies to the importance of being at
the forefront of innovative marketing.


Because we realize the importance of first impressions, we ensure that your
environment is one of wellness, comfort and positivity. In short, we not only
create a perfect ambience, we create an experience; one that makes your
space, no matter how big or small, memorable.


We are resolved to continue to grow and provide the best service and
experience, and we will not stop until we are one of the leading scent
marketing companies in the world. We’re the change in the air; change that
will promote a feeling of wellbeing, happiness, motivation and above all

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